Pub Gigs

To whom it may concern:

As a long time fan of AJ’s I have also had the pleasure of having him perform at two different establishments in this city and the feedback from our patrons is overwhelming.

AJ is blessed with having a keen eye for knowing how to cater to every type of crowd. I recently saw him 2 nights in a row at Sherlock Holmes (WEM). The first night was a younger crowd who wanted to dance and he had everything going from the Black Eyed Peas to Micheal Jackson and the dance floor was packed.

The second night was an older crowd who prefered rock and country and he provided that in fine form as well, with the crowd singing and dancing the nite away.

The simple fact is, anywhere I have had the pleasure of him preforming….our sales were always way higher than other nights because not only does AJ attract patrons, he retains them all night because his show is so entertaining.

The man never takes a break and always provides a great evening of entertainment. I love watching the reactions of people who are shocked when they look up and see that they are not listening to a CD, rather AJ is singing the songs they love in a very convincing fashion.

You will never be disappointed in a night where he performs and you will be the hero for helping to create such an amazing night for your group.

Derryn Donaghey

Former Asst. Mgr. Sherlock Holmes (WEM)
(GM, Jox Sports Bar)

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